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Apps, Tools & Widgets

Today's smartphones, tablets and other portable devices can be especially handy for those who already drive a ZEV, for those who are navigating the ZEV shopping experience, and for those looking to compare factors in their vehicle options. Below are some of the apps, tools and widgets we've come across that are particularly helpful and informative.

Apps can make it easier for users to find publicly available charging or refueling locations nearby or along their route. Companies and app developers often look to enhance their apps to offer more useful information about each location and to improve user experience. Below are only some of the more popular apps we've come across. Use the app platform on your mobile device to check the availability of each app, or other similar apps not mentioned here, for download.


Charging station locator apps



Google Maps

Open Charge Map



Charging network apps, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) apps







We've gathered a small collection of tools and widgets that you may also find useful!

Electric Drive Cost Calculator:  Interested in comparing fuel costs for electric and gasoline vehicles? Check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s Electric Drive Cost Calculator to explore potential fuel savings by driving electric.

Vehicle Cost Calculator:  This widget is useful for calculating annual fuel cost and greenhouse gas emissions for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

eGallon Calculator:  How much does it cost to charge an EV in Connecticut compared to fueling a similar vehicle with gasoline? Use the U.S. Department of Energy's  eGallon Calculator to find out.

EV GHG Emissions Calculator:  The U.S. Department of Energy provides an EV GHG emissions calculator that allows you to estimate the total GHG emissions that would be associated with driving a BEV or PHEV, including GHG emissions from the production of electricity used to power the vehicle. Simply enter your zip code and identify the vehicle that you own or are considering buying.

Vehicle Explore Tool:  The Vehicle Explore Tool is offered by Drive Change Drive Electric to help you find a BEV or PHEV that meets your needs by searching by vehicle body style (i.e., crossover, hatchback, minivan, sedan, sports, or SUV).

Pick a Plug In:  Sierra Club provides a Pick a Plug In tool in the form of a short quiz to help you find out which BEVs and PHEVs, if any, are more compatible with your lifestyle.

Find a Car Tool:  So how does the fuel economy of a BEV, FCEV, PHEV or a gasoline-fueled car compare with each other? Use the U.S. Department of Energy's Find a Car tool to compare fuel economy ratings.

Alternative Fueling Station Locator:  This web-based tool allows users to filter data by location, fuel type, and station details to find alternative fueling stations in the United States and Canada.


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