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Explore the World of Smart Energy at Some of Connecticut’s Museums
  • Community Involvement
  • Education

Get ready for hands-on experiences learning about energy, conservation, renewable energy and the benefits of smart energy choices at museums, science centers and other locations around Connecticut.

Additional Details

As part of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund’s educational and public outreach efforts, several interactive exhibits related to energy, energy efficiency and clean renewable energy sources are available to visitors throughout the state. These exhibits engage museum visitors, students and educators to explore the technologies and science related to the topics of energy conservation, efficiency, renewable energy and protecting our environment.

Partnering with key educational museums, science centers, technical high schools and municipalities across the state, these exhibits raise awareness in school-age children, educators and parents about the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency.

  • Energize CT Energy in Action Interactive Mobile Exhibit, North Haven - an interactive, professionally staffed facility that combines displays, educational tours, and a resource center to educate and empower the residents of Connecticut about energy. 
  • Connecticut Science Center, Hartford -  make sure to visit their Energy City Gallery.
  • The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport -  their energy exhibit showcases the different sources of energy, including renewable and nonrenewable sources.
  • Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk - learn about the science of energy.
  • E-House - designed and built by students and faculty of the Connecticut Technical High School System, each E-House incorporates solar and energy-efficient technologies.
Call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) for more information.

The Energy City Gallery is a model sustainable community named “Greenslope” featuring energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources that power buildings, instead of fossil fuels. The family-friendly gallery on the 6th floor of the Connecticut Science Center contains exhibits on sustainability, product life cycles, efficient windows, passive solar design, energy-efficient appliances and lights, green building or LEED design, wind, solar photovoltaics, biomass and fossil fuels. The multi-media exhibits illustrate the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption, and the interactive exhibits emphasize to students, educators and families the importance of being smart about the energy we use.

The gallery is jointly sponsored by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority. Visit for more information.

Call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) for more information. 

The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport

The museum’s energy exhibit showcases the different sources of energy, including renewable and nonrenewable sources, and allows visitors to actively participate in the generation, transmission, distribution and conservation of energy.

Museum visitors can become energy smart by interacting with displays on four types of energy sources—fossil fuels, hydropower, solar panels and wind turbines. These sources then “generate” electricity and are transmitted through power lines to our homes, schools and businesses. Inside the energy exhibit’s home, visitors must choose to use efficient or inefficient appliances and see how the electric demand changes on the home’s meter.  Visit for more information.

Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk

The Energy Lab Gallery is an immersive solar, wind and water environment that sets the stage for children and museum visitors to learn about the science of energy—its sources, uses, and emerging alternatives.

Featured exhibits:

  • Energy Wall - displays potential/kinetic energy, energy transformations and renewable/nonrenewable energy sources.

  • Water Lab – explores the water cycle and hydropower. 

  • Wind Tunnel – allows visitors to feel the force of wind and manipulate wind turbine blades to find the most efficient configurations and invent new designs. 

  • Solar Lab – illuminates how energy from the Sun helps plants grow, heats homes and powers cars. 

  • Non Renewable Lab – features a trip below the surface of the earth to see where fossil fuels come from.

Traveling Conservation Quest mini-exhibit & tour

As part of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund’s partnership with Stepping Stones, a mini, portable exhibit on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources was created to travel to approximately 40 schools, libraries and community centers across the state free-of-charge to municipalities, schools and organizations.

For more information on Stepping Stones and its energy exhibits, visit

The E-House Initiative

Since 2006, the Connecticut Technical High School System has partnered with the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority to provide training on energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies for the schools’ architectural, carpentry, electrical and plumbing faculty and students.

Designed and built by students and faculty, each E-House, a 16’ x 20’ structure, incorporates solar photovoltaic and solar thermals systems, weatherization and energy-efficient technologies and labs in its design. The E-House initiative gives students the opportunity to conduct hands-on field work and earn professional certifications in these various labs, preparing them for a “green” career after graduation.

There are currently 7 operating E-Houses located at Technical High Schools throughout Connecticut.