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Energy In Action Mobile Interactive Exhibit
A fun, entertaining and educational show!
  • Community Involvement
  • Education
  • Training

An innovative mobile learning experience! Teaching children how to become an Energy-Efficient Generation by making smart, energy-saving decisions daily.

Students will learn how to make decisions that will not only manage energy, but will help the planet, too. They will witness and participate in mind-blowing, energy-saving experiments. As well as learning the benefits of becoming an energy-efficient community by being introduced to green energy sources to help save the future of our planet.

The Energize Connecticut Energy In Action interactive mobile exhibit can be booked at no-cost for a day or multiple days at your school or community event. Participants will attend a short presentation about the program then will walk through our interactive hands-on exhibits in groups of 12-15.

Additional Details

Current exhibits include:

  • The Energy Grid – Place a token at the top of the wall and watch the path of electrical power as it travels from the generation station to homes or business.
  • Plasma Tube – By placing your hand on the plasma tube you’ll safely experience the built-up charge that will concentrate in the area around your hand.
  • Thermal Tunnel – Walk through the tunnel and see the thermal energy coming from your body on a tv display.
  • Water Wall – See how your daily water consumption adds up by stacking pegs that represent everyday actions that involve water.
  • Generation Station – Use your physical strength to power incandescent and LED bulbs and feel the extra effort needed to illuminate the incandescent bulb.
  • Wind Power Podium – Crank a source of wind power to illuminate an LED bulb.
  • Light Wall – Select a colored peg that correlates to an energy-saving action. All pegs together will create a lit image representing the actions everyone will take to save energy. Great for a class photo!
  • Pass It On – At the end of your visit inside the exhibit, place a stamp on the poster for each person you plan to share your newly learned positive energy messages.
  • Solar Power – Learn about the rooftop solar panels on the trailer and see various meters and gauges that are powering the panels.
  • Careers – Explore various green jobs in the energy efficiency and sustainable energy field.

While waiting for a chance to walk through the exhibits, one or more experiments may take place outside the trailer:

  • Energy Relay
  • Heat Insulation Demo
  • Energy Costs Money
  • Sources of Clean Energy
  • Electricity Savings Tips
  • Energy Community Pledge
  • Power Consumption
  • Carbon Footprint Awareness
  • Water Conservation
  • Bike Station

Call, email, or fill out the form to book now!

Three ways to book the Energy In Action mobile interactive exhibit for a visit to your school or community event:

  1. Call 203-381-9754
  2. Email with the following information:
    School or Organization Name
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    Phone Number
    Email address
    Preferred Date
    Additional Details
  3. Click the link to fill out the form.

Be sure to include your contact information and dates you are interested in.