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Residential Solar Hot Water
Heat Your Water With the Sun

Investing in a Solar Thermal or Solar Hot Water (SHW) system is a smart energy solution for most homeowners and certain businesses. This proven and reliable technology offers long-term performance with low maintenance.

Additional Details

A SHW system uses sunlight to provide hot water for your home.  Two or three solar collector panels are mounted on your roof.  Sunlight heats an antifreeze solution circulating through the panels, which is then pumped to a heat exchanger where the solution’s heat is transferred to your home’s water tank.  This hot water is then used to meet up to 80% of your household’s hot water needs. 

Benefits of a Solar Hot Water System

  • For oil, propane, and electric-fired home water heating, SHW systems allow you to save on your monthly hot water costs from day 1.  The CT Solar Lease for SHW uses state-of-the-art technology by AET Solar, is installed by professionally-trained contractors, and is backed by a 15-year comprehensive insurance and warranty management program by Assurant.  Two and three-panel system leases are available and save 10-15% of the average Connecticut home energy bill each year.
  • The planet benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and preservation of finite fossil-fuel resources for future generations. A typical residential SHW system supplies about 70% of a home’s hot water, saving 7.7 barrels of oil per year and avoiding the production of almost 3.5 tons of carbon dioxide!
  • The local community benefits from improved air quality, greater independence from fossil fuels, and jobs created by the installation of these systems.

CEFIA offers both a lease and a loan option to help Connecticut Residents install solar hot water systems.  Customers can finance systems that will supply 50 to 80 percent of a customer’s annual domestic hot water needs. Solar thermal financing for space heating systems is not available.

CT Solar Lease – an affordable, worry-free way to go solar

The CT Solar Lease is now available. Click here to learn more.

Smart-E Loan – a quick, easy, affordable option for owning your system

The Smart-E Loan is available through local lenders and offers a way to finance your solar how water system with no money down and attractive rates and terms. Click here to learn more.  Systems must meet the following criteria:

30⁰ ≤ tilt ≤ 60⁰; 104⁰≤ azimuth ≤ 284⁰ (compass)
Shading ≤ 20.0%
Residential Systems, OG-300 Rated

Step 1 -Work with a CEFIA-approved solar hot water contractor.

The contractor will review your project with you, provide information about solar hot water systems and assist you with your loan or lease application.

As with any significant purchase, shop around when considering installing a solar hot water system. Gather as much information as possible, check contractor references and obtain multiple quotes. 

Find A Professional.

Step 2 - Select a financing option.

Choose from the CT Solar Lease or the Smart-E Loan.

Step 3 - Install your system.