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Advanced Duct Sealing
Enhanced duct sealing for greater heating and cooling efficiency
Rebates and Instant Discounts
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When ductwork is properly sealed, the heated or cooled air created by your equipment is distributed throughout your home as intended. Advanced duct sealing helps keep you and your family more comfortable in all rooms connected to the system while reducing your energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

Additional Details

Through advanced duct sealing, holes are effectively sealed throughout ducts and vents from within the ducts. A water-based glue formula is sprayed throughout the duct system, filling in any small holes or cracks that cannot be reached or addressed with traditional, manual duct sealing. Manual duct sealing seals large, easily accessible holes on the outside of the ductwork using mastic tape or by tightening connections.

Duct sealing keeps the warmed or cooled air created by your heating or cooling system within the ducts, allowing for more of that air to be delivered throughout your home. Your system will work less and you will be more comfortable as a result of the evenly distributed air.

With advanced duct sealing, you may see up to 90 percent lower duct leakage and reduce your energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

Option 1:

Participate in Home Energy Solutions for manual duct sealing, if applicable, and to find out if your home would benefit form advanced duct sealing. The Home Energy Solutions contractor will either perform the advanced duct sealing or connect you with another vendor that does. The incentive, which may be more than the $1,000 rebate offer, is paid directly to the contractor. You pay only the remaining portion.

Customers who are income eligible and qualify for Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible may also qualify for advanced duct sealing.

Option 2:

Use the Advanced Duct Sealing rebate form and work with a contractor of your choice to receive up to $1,000.

Eversource and UI residential customers with electrically, natural gas, oil or propane heated homes and existing ductwork may be eligible.

Customers participating in Home Energy Solutions may receive a recommendation and incentive for advanced duct sealing based on the technician’s findings during the visit.