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Energy Storage Solutions
Battery backup for your business
  • Rebates

This energy storage program can help your business prepare for the increasing frequency of weather-related outages while earning incentives. Incentives are available for the initial purchase and installation of a battery system and performance incentives based on the system’s contribution to the grid during peak demand.

Additional Details

Energy Storage Solutions is a statewide offer designed to help Eversource and United Illuminating (UI) customers install battery storage at their home or business. Benefits of on-site energy storage include:

  • Backup power during power outages for critical appliances or systems
  • Ongoing incentives for allowing your battery to be a power source for the grid
  • A more resilient, secure Connecticut as we face climate change

Businesses with fossil-fuel generators are encouraged to learn more. Battery systems purchased and enrolled in Energy Storage Solutions coupled with a solar PV system provides a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy storage opportunity.

You earn incentives to install a battery system at your business.

Commercial and Industrial End-Use Customer Upfront Declining Incentive Block Structure (2022-2024)

  Effective Upfront Incentive
Small Commercial Medium Commercial Large Commercial
Peak Demand <200 kW 200 kW – 500 kW >500 kW
Incentive for first 50 MW of Commercial Storage Projects $200 $175 $100

Once your battery is installed and enrolled, your battery will be used to support the grid. For each kilowatt (kW) your battery contributes, you earn!

Commercial and Industrial End-Use Customer Annual Performance-Based Incentive (2022-2024)

Summer Winter Summer Winter
Maximum Season Incentive ($/kW) $200 $25 $115 $15

If there is a weather event that might result in outages in your area, your battery will not be called on to contribute to the grid for the two days prior to the event. So you will be ready with backup power, if needed.

Note that your battery will not be completely discharged during these events.

For incentive details, please visit the Energy Storage Solutions website, hosted by the Connecticut Green Bank. Eversource customers may also learn more at UI customers can find details at

This program is overseen by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), is paid for by ratepayers, and is administered by the Green Bank, Eversource, and UI.

Eversource and United Illuminating electric customers are eligible to enroll.

To enroll, visit the Energy Storage Solutions website.

Eligible battery manufacturers:

  • Enphase
  • Generac
  • Sol-Ark
  • Solar Edge
  • Sonnen
  • Tesla

If you are an Eversource customer and already own a battery and would like to consider other demand response opportunities, visit our Demand Response page.