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Earn incentives for helping reduce peak demand
Commercial Multi-Service Solutions
  • Gas Water Heating
  • Heating & Cooling
  • New Construction or Major Renovation
  • Process Equipment
  • Sustainability

Get paid to help reduce strain on the grid and keep carbon emissions and energy costs low for everyone.

Additional Details

Demand response helps relieve strain on the electrical grid by telling participating customers to reduce their energy use at times of peak demand. This extends the life of grid infrastructure and reduces the need for replacements and repairs, keeping energy costs low. Times of peak demand are also when carbon emissions are highest because they require additional power generation from dirtier fuels. By participating in demand response, your business can earn incentives for helping reduce carbon emissions and keep energy costs low. 

Step 1

Get started by learning more about ways to participate and incentives offered by your utility:

Eversource ConnectedSolutions

Step 2

Once enrolled, your utility will send out notifications when a peak demand event is expected. All you have to do is reduce your energy use during that period. This can be done manually by doing things like shutting off lights or shifting processes, automatically through a building management system, controlled device, or discharging storage such as a battery, or with the help of a curtailment service provider. Contact Eversource for more information on eligible participation strategies.

Step 3

At the end of the season, in most cases summer or winter, your utility will calculate your incentive, often based on how much you reduced your energy use during events, and sends you a check.

Commercial, industrial or municipal customers of all sizes are eligible to participate.

For more information or other questions contact your utility below: