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business challenge
Get a Handle on Sustainability and Become More Competitive
Commercial Multi-Service Solutions
  • Carbon Footprint/Waste Stream Analyses
  • Energy Assessment (Audit)
  • Manufacturing Process Improvements
  • Sustainability
  • Training

Tackle common business issues like utility costs, waste, and employee engagement in the context of sustainability and energy efficiency. Become competitive and resilient by following recommended action steps that are accessible, achievable, and profitable.

Additional Details

Engaging in the Business Sustainability Challenge is an important step towards your organization's transformation to continued efficiency and sustainability. Training and education provide opportunities to improve your strategic energy management practices and investments while meeting your long-term economic, environmental and social sustainability objectives.

As a participating business, you will set conservation goals and receive information and tools to identify opportunities to better manage your energy use, water use, supply chain, waste streams and transportation.

We help you realize sustained benefits through:

  • Training and sustainability education
  • Continuous operational improvement
  • Strategy development
  • Systemic behavioral change

Developing a strategy to address these opportunities helps to reduce energy costs, lower your environmental impact and increase productivity and competitiveness. These benefits improve your organization’s social, environmental and economic performance, leading to greater value for stakeholders, employees and customers.

We offer incentives and education to empower your business, to improve its triple bottom line and to enhance its standing as a good corporate citizen.

Call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) for more information. 

Steps to Take Smart Energy Action

Step 1 -

Getting started is easy. Just contact your utility account executive or call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873).

To find your account executive, click the link to your utility below:

Eversource     UI

Step 2

We will work with you to create a plan, develop a timeline and implement your new strategy. Depending on your needs, the program may incorporate other energy efficiency programs, as well as external programs and tools.

The process follows these steps, borrowed from ENERGY STAR®:

  • Make a commitment
  • Assess performance and set goals
  • Create a plan
  • Implement the plan
  • Evaluate the plan’s progress
  • Recognize achievements
  • Reassess the process

Call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) for more information. 

All commercial, industrial and municipal customers of Eversource and UI can participate. For natural gas measures, the company must be a firm customer of CNG, SCG or Eversource.

Starting the process is easy. Just contact your utility account executive or call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873).

Click the link to your utility below:

Eversource       UI 

If you are a Connecticut business and are not served by one of the utilities listed above, please visit your utility’s website to see what energy efficiency programs are available to you. Please click here for information on how to contact your municipal utility.

Call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) for more information.