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Energy-Related Education and Employment Opportunities

Looking for a job where you can make a difference?  Have an interest in renewables and the latest technologies?  A career in the energy efficiency or renewable energy field may be right for you. Use our links below to find educational programs and jobs - around the state and the nation. 

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My Energy Gateway - a great way to get started. Initially funded by a contract with the U.S. DOE, the site is managed by the Association of Energy Services Professionals. In addition to listing educational and training options in a multitude of energy-related disciplines, you can find internships, sample job descriptions and salary ranges, plus links to financial aid and scholarships.

Solar Career Map  - explore solar-energy occupations, median pay, skills, education, and experience. Designed to explore the industry rather than land a job, it provides good summary level information to guide a career in the solar industry. 

Wind Career Map - EERE's Wind Career Map charts possible progression between wind energy occupations, describes training necessary, job profiles and skills needed. - Search in Connecticut with key words like Energy Efficiency, Solar, Geothermal, etc. - CT energy efficiency jobs, national solar industry jobs

LinkedIn - CT energy efficiency jobs.

EERE's Clean Energy Jobs - Provides links to jobs, internships, training and careers.

ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) - Lists ACEEE jobs and internships, and employment opportunities with organizations across the US.

LinkedIn - In addition to searching for energy efficiency jobs, joining a group can have long term benefits. 

American Wind Energy Association - lists wind energy related jobs in the US.

Other Clean Energy Organizations:

Rocky Mountain Institute 

Amercian Council on Renewable Energy (ACoRE)

US Renewable Energy Association

LinkedIn- find jobs anywhere in the world!