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Virtual Pre-Assessment: Small Business Energy Advantage

  • Building Controls/Energy Mgmt.
  • Drives, Refrig. Controls, Timers & ECMs
  • Energy Assessment (Audit)

A virtual pre-assessment for small businesses provides the same expertise and personal care as an in-person visit, except your contractor interacts with you remotely, by phone or video service.

Additional Details

During the virtual pre-assessment, your contractor will identify energy-saving opportunities in your business and then prepare a potential list of energy saving opportunities which includes simple, self-install measures such as LED light bulbs to replace old incandescent, or faucet aerators to help save money on your water heating cost.

The contractor will work with your utility to have the identified self-install measures shipped to your business for you to start saving energy and money right away. See the complete list of areas assessed with the Small Business Energy Advantage program below. Your contractor will schedule a follow-up, in-person visit for a future date to further identify deeper savings opportunities to be installed.

Call 877-WISE-USE for more information or use the Find a Contractor tool to connect with a utility partnered contractor.

With a no-cost virtual pre-assessment you may receive:

  • A virtual visit with a utility partnered contractor to identify opportunities to reduce your energy consumption.
  • A follow up Small Business Energy Advantage site visit at no cost.
  • Energy-saving products delivered to you at no cost.
  • Generous rebates and incentives on qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment.
  • Attractive financing opportunities for eligible upgrades.




Lighting Systems Upgrades & Controls (including LEDs)

Air Sealing and Weatherization

Refrigeration Controls and Cooler Upgrades

Pipe Insulation

HVAC System Upgrades & Controls

Heating System Controls

Motor or Drive Controls

Steam Trap Maintenance

Compressed Air Systems

High-Efficiency Heating and Water Heating Equipment

Upgrades & Controls

Faucet Aerators

Custom Energy Efficiency Measures

Trickle Start Shower Heads


Custom Energy Efficiency Measures

Electric customers of Eversource or United Illuminating on a commercial rate with an annual usage at or below 250,000 kWh are eligible and:

  • Have the ability to self-install recommended instant saving products received (such as light bulbs).
  • Be comfortable working with a contractor over the phone and be able to use technology for video chat and/or to send photos of the business over email.
    • Your contractor will advise when your appointment is made which video chat apps will need to be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet.  Apps such as ZOOM, Facetime, or Google Duo are commonly used for the virtual pre-assessment.
  • Additional criteria may apply.


Call 877-WISE-USE for more information or use the Find a Contractor tool to connect with a utility partnered contractor.

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