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Providing savings that could benefit both residents and businesses alike

The Energize West Haven effort kicked off during a ceremony Tuesday Morning, June 24th, at 137 Lee Street in West Haven. This is an initiative that will highlight locations where residents and businesses have the opportunity to convert to natural gas, and adopt energy efficiency measures in the most cost-effective manner.
Nearly 8,000 city residents are poised to convert to natural gas, and those that do not have the opportunity to convert to gas have the ability to take advantage of energy efficiency programs. Residents who sign a natural gas service agreement prior to July 31, 2014 have the opportunity to receive an additional $250 conversion incentive. Additionally, a donation will be made to the West Haven Emergency Assistance Task Force (WHEAT) for every energy-efficiency assessment completed during the initiative.

Special guests included John D’Agostino, Senior Manager for Residential Programs, Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA); Roddy Diotalevi, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG); Robert Klee, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP); Pat McDonnell Sr. Director of Conservation and Load Management, The United Illuminating Company; Tony Marone, Senior Vice President, The United Illuminating Company (UI); Mayor Edward M. O'Brien, City of West Haven; and Amy Thompson, Assistant Professor of System Engineering UNH, Designee The Energy Efficiency Board (EEB) and Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce (GNHCC).

The Energize West Haven effort will also include outreach and community events by Clean Energy Communities staff and vendors for UI and SCG’s Home Energy Solutions (HES) program. Residents will receive information on incentives, reduced pricing and the opportunity to work with local contractors to make West Haven an energy-efficient community.

Over the next several months, the Energize West Haven outreach team will be working closely with city officials, legislators, neighborhood councils and community groups to raise awareness of the benefits of converting to natural gas and making homes and small businesses more energy efficient. Residents not able to convert will be informed of alternative energy-savings options. Residents interested in converting to natural gas should call 1-855-SCG-4GAS.
“These opportunities mean that West Haven residents will find that increasing the efficiency of their homes and lowering their utility bills is more achievable and affordable than ever before,” said Robert Klee, DEEP Commissioner.

“The opportunity for West Haven residents to convert to natural gas and greatly reduce the cost of heating their homes and hot water is here. Similar opportunities are available to businesses as well,” said, Roddy Diotalevi, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, UIL.

“We are excited to launch this partnership with the utilities, the State, and our city to bring residents affordable opportunities to improve the performance of their homes and to switch to natural gas. Join your neighbors so you can save money today, and in the future, by reducing your energy costs through smart investments in your home or business,” said Mayor O’Brien.

‘Energize West Haven’ not only helps those who participate in the programs, it also benefits the entire community. Each time a resident participates in the Home Energy Solutions program, a $25 donation will be made by the HES vendors to West Haven Emergency Assistance Task Force (WHEAT) throughout the duration of the campaign.