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West Hartford and Fairfield residents continue their Home Energy Solutions journey and learn next steps to improve home performance

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (Dec. 16, 2013) – As part of the Energize Connecticut initiative, Eversource (Eversource) and The United Illuminating Company (UI), are revealing initial energy assessment findings and recommendations of the first Energy SuperSTARS Challenge. The Energy SuperSTARS Challenge is designed to increase home energy efficiency practices and awareness across Connecticut. Through the Energy SuperSTARS Challenge, two participating families will get smarter on reducing their energy bills and be rewarded for taking extra action.

The initial energy assessment revealed that both families should upgrade the insulation in their homes as well as insulate crawl spaces. Further, both families are now considering improving the heating and cooling systems in their homes based on what they learned from the assessment and working with the Home Energy Solutions (HES) technicians. These changes will ultimately help them reduce their energy bills and help improve the environment by reducing energy usage.

The Guastelle family of Fairfield was eager to participate in the Energy SuperSTARS Challenge. As part of the initial process, they had a home energy assessment to determine if the home has areas that can benefit from energy-efficient improvements. Here is a snap shot of their home and what was discovered during the process.
Guastelle home facts:

Home Size: 1,200 Square Feet
Heat Source: Oil heat and hot water
Savings from HES measures
Blower Door/ Air Sealing Savings: 116 gallons oil, 80kWh (furnace) ($451 a year)
Water measures: 1 aerator, 2 showerheads, 11.3 gallons of oil ($42 a year)
Lighting: 32 CFLs and 1 LED, 991 kWh ($206 a year)

The HES technicians recommended insulation upgrades and insulating crawl spaces. The technicians also recommended the family install a ductless mini-split heat pump to minimize the cost of cooling the home versus the use of window air conditioning units. The projected savings with these recommendations would provide an additional $298 in savings.

“I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in the Energy SuperSTARS challenge. This initial assessment has taught me the importance of taking smart energy-saving measures in our home. Taking advantage of the affordable financing options, I am excited to move forward with the recommendations from the HES technicians,” said Karen Guastelle, Fairfield.

The second family participating in the challenge, the Gabinelle family from West Hartford, has an ultimate goal to lower their energy bills and improve the comfort of their home by making smarter energy choices.

Gabinelle home facts:
Home Size: 1851 Square Feet
Heat Source: Natural gas heat and hot water
Savings from HES measures
Blower Door/ Air Sealing Savings: 94 ccf gas, ($195 a year)
Water measures: 2 aerators, 5.7ccf of gas ($11 a year)
Lighting: 25 CFLs, 1112.9 kWh ($245 a year)


  • Insulate attic door, above addition and garage wall.
  • Upgrade attic insulation
  • 2 part spray foam for rim joist
  • Insulate crawlspace
  • Upgrade/Service Boiler
  • Install a ductless split heat pump

The Gabinelle’s have already taken the recommendations from the assessment and completed insulating the garage wall and above the addition. The projected savings with these recommendations would provide an additional $631.00 in savings.

“Participating in the challenge and working with our energy coach has truly helped us to identify and confirm wasted energy sources in our home, as well as understand the cost-effective options for better energy efficiency,” said Gregg Gabinelle. “It has also presented us with the opportunity to consider a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system for our home.”

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