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Donna Hollinger of West Haven lives in a home that she estimates is more than 80 years old. Built in the early 20th century with quality materials and a lot of charm, the home was not engineered with today’s energy efficiency standards in mind.

However, after receiving a tip and positive reviews from her sister-in-law, Hollinger decided to sign up for the Energize Connecticut initiative’s Home Energy Solutions (HES) program to make her home more comfortable while simultaneously lowering her energy bills. 

As a partner of the Energize Connecticut initiative, The United Illuminating Company (UI) is helping Connecticut residents reduce their energy bills and make their homes more comfortable all year long. 

For a limited time low co-pay of $99 HES offers on-the-spot weatherization and energy efficiency services with an approximate value of $1,000+, as well as incentives and additional resources to further reduce energy use. HES is a tremendous value resulting in immediate savings for homeowners and renters. 

A home energy assessment is a “physical checkup” determining how much energy a home uses and is recommended for anyone looking to lower their monthly home energy bills. Most customers realize an estimated annual savings of $200 from their energy bills.

Hollinger anticipated HES would educate her on how to create and maintain an energy-efficient home. She knew that her home had significant drafts, but had not understood the severity of them and their impact on her energy bills. 

Hollinger inquired about HES services by calling 1-877-WISE-USE, and just two days later the contractor was performing the assessment at her home. The entire process took only a few hours and created an immediate impact on the sustainability of her home.

“Since the completion of my HES assessment, I feel my house is now much more comfortable,” said Hollinger. “Upon his arrival back from work on the day of the assessment, my son pointed out immediately that our home felt more comfortable as well.”

Roughly five years ago, Hollinger relocated her washer and dryer upstairs so she no longer had to travel to the cellar to do her laundry. During this process a hole was created in her wall to vent the dryer, and this new opening became increasingly drafty. Using a combination of caulk and weather stripping, the technician was able to minimize this draft, amongst others caused by the cellar door and windows throughout the house. 

The contractor also replaced Hollinger’s showerheads with water-saving models and offered additional recommendations for her to further reduce her energy consumption. One suggestion was to replace the freezer in her cellar with a more efficient ENERGY STAR® model. She plans to pursue this option in the near future. 

“I highly recommend working through the Energize Connecticut program and its authorized contractors,” added Hollinger. “The technicians that visited my home were upfront and honest explaining everything they were doing and what impact it would have on my home.”

HES services valued at $1,000+ are provided with a co-pay of only $99 for all customers, and include the following services:

Comprehensive energy assessment

Diagnostic testing 

Blower door guided air sealing, and duct sealing

Installation of energy-saving light bulbs, including LEDs and CFLs

Installation of water-saving products like low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators and hot water pipe wrap

Educational tips on how to further reduce home energy costs

Information on rebates and financing for additional upgrades including insulation, windows, appliances and heating and cooling equipment as applicable

By participating in the program, homeowners will be advised of what additional upgrades are recommended to make their home perform at the highest level of efficiency and save even more money. Attractive financing packages are also offered to help make these upgrades affordable. To learn how an HES assessment can improve your home, please call 1-877-WISE-USE or visit

About Energize Connecticut:

Energize Connecticut helps you save money and use clean energy. It is an initiative of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Connecticut Green Bank, the State, and your local electric and gas utilities, with funding from a charge on customer energy bills. Information on energy-saving programs can be found at or by calling 1-877-WISE-USE.