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Eversource and United Illuminating announced today that Brookside Development, an Energize Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge participant, was recognized at the 2016 Home Building Industry (HOBI) Award ceremony for their efforts in zero-energy home construction.

Hosted by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut, Inc. (HBRA of Connecticut), the HOBI Awards showcases excellence in design, new home construction, land development, remodeling, commercial construction, sales and marketing and financing.

Brookside Development, based out of Woodbridge, Conn., won two categories – the Best Green Energy-Efficient Single Family Community and Best Green Energy-Efficient Home – for its fifth Singer Village home in Derby, Conn.

“We believe a home should always be designed with sustainability in mind,” said Mark Nuzzolo, owner of Brookside Development. “This home substantially reduces energy bills, ensures engineered comfort well beyond traditionally built homes, protects health with a comprehensive package of air quality measures and helps maximize the largest investment in a lifetime.”

In addition to being built to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready standards, the Singer Village home is one of five homes built in Connecticut’s first zero energy ready subdivision. The home also offers several energy efficient features such as a building integrated solar PV system, which is designed to satisfy all or most of the home’s electricity demands. To minimize soil disturbance, vehicular risks and provide solar opportunities, Nuzzolo utilized the home’s surrounding natural landscape, and installed “rain gardens” to retain storm water and mitigate drought conditions and pollution.

“This is an exciting award that highlights how Connecticut home builders value sustainability and are dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of our state’s infrastructure,” said Bill Ethier, CEO of HBRA of Connecticut. “Each builder’s hard work and dedication to this industry and the HBRA of Connecticut is something to be proud of.”

The Energize Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge is a statewide design and build competition for new zero-energy ready single and multi-family homes. These homes consume little to no energy and produce energy on-site, and have cleaner air quality, advanced designs and integrated systems. The Challenge is part of the state’s Energize Connecticut initiative, which offers programs and incentives provided by electric and gas utilities, including Eversource, and AVANGRID, Inc. subsidiaries United Illuminating, Southern Connecticut Gas, and Connecticut Natural Gas.

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