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DANBURY, Conn. – April 13, 2017 – ShopRite of Danbury teamed up with Eversource on a series of energy efficiency improvements to their lighting and refrigeration equipment. Formerly an A&P store, ShopRite acquired the location on Padanaram Road and transformed the space with sustainability in mind. 
“We partnered with ShopRite on a whole building approach to renovate the store and conduct a retrofit of existing lighting and refrigeration equipment all at once,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency spokesman Enoch Lenge. “Delaying to upgrade old, inefficient equipment can cost more money over time. This holistic approach will help ShopRite to not only save money, but also, make their energy-efficient investment back in two-and-a-half years.”
“The store was very dark when we first bought it,” said Rocky Cingari, president of 11 family-owned ShopRites, including the Danbury location. “I have a philosophy: ‘if you can’t see the product, then you won’t buy it.’ I need my products to sparkle, so having the best lighting possible is important. This project made that happen.”
ShopRite partnered with Eversource and All Services, LLC, to evaluate existing equipment and determine upgrades that would bring a bright, airy ambiance to the store. Eversource also ensured the upgrades were eligible for Energize Connecticut’s business solution incentives.
ShopRite first replaced existing lighting with high-efficiency lighting measures, like LEDs, throughout the store. Censors were also added to the coolers and back rooms, which automatically shut the lights off when not in use.
In addition, LEDs were installed in the front and back parking lots. “We saw a big difference in those areas. The lighting created safer and brighter surroundings for our customers and employees. Plus, it provided clearer visibility for our security cameras,” added Cingari.
ShopRite also replaced its evaporator fan motors in its refrigerators with electronically commutated motors (ECM). Ennio DiNino, a contractor for All Services, LLC, explained, “Commercial refrigeration is non-stop energy consumption, but that doesn’t mean it has to be inefficient. These ECMs will consume less energy and use less heat to evaporate the refrigerators.” 
Now, ShopRite of Danbury is expected to save approximately $209,000 annually from the upgrades.
“The fresh and clean lighting creates a more harmonious feeling for the customers. We’ve already saved on maintenance costs too. You can’t go wrong there,” Cingari said.
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