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The Montville Board of Education recently partnered with Eversource on a series of energy efficiency improvements made to Montville High School. The school is now equipped with modern heating, cooling, and lighting technologies while delivering comfort and efficiency. 
“Originally, the heating and cooling system was the school’s biggest energy consumer,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency spokesman Enoch Lenge. “The school had 28 motors running on their own with nothing to control their speed or output. That said, our main focus was to work with Montville school officials on options to manage how the building uses energy.”  
Controls were installed to the heating and cooling system for cost-effective comfort. Now, the 28 motors that drive the heating and cooling are responsive to the needs and occupancy within the building.
“The building senses gas, air, sunlight and movement because of the management system and controls recommended by Eversource,” said Steve Carroll, Director of Facilities, Montville Public Schools. “As students move through the building – going to lunch for example – the building reacts by providing monitored and efficient air quality to the occupied area. It’s an innovative technology that we’re excited about.”
The school also worked with Eversource to upgrade its lighting to LEDs. “If you think about it, a classroom might be the most challenging room to pick the right light levels. You have smartboards, computers, and various light levels required for different learning environments,” Carroll said. “The LEDs and sensors adjust light levels based on the amount of light coming from the windows or movement in the room.”
Carroll added, “Budget is always number one for school systems so saving money to invest toward education is a good thing, but it goes beyond that. We must meet rigorous standards to provide clean air and a comfortable environment for the staff and students. That’s what matters most, so this is an achievement.”
Montville High School also recently received its ENERGY STAR® certification, the national distinction for energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting the environment. 
Carroll and other school officials are currently exploring the possibility of making similar upgrades to Montville’s middle and elementary schools. 
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