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The Ellington and Coventry fuel banks recently received a $1,075 and $700 donation, respectively, as a result of residents’ participation in Home Energy Solutions (HES), a popular in-home energy improvement service provided by Eversource and Energize Connecticut.
“Participating residents gained a better understanding of the importance of energy efficiency, made money- and energy-saving choices to their own homes, and helped their local fuel banks,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency Spokesman Enoch Lenge. “It’s a great way to support neighbors and bring the community together.”
Eversource-authorized contractors, Aiello, Fox Heating, and Energy Efficiencies Solutions, donated $25 for every Ellington resident that completed the HES service. In Coventry, Victory Energy Solutions and New England Conservation Services made the $25 donation as well. 
As part of HES, contractors make on-the-spot energy improvements and recommend further energy-saving opportunities to renters and homeowners. The service is worth approximately $1,000, but costs $124 for interested residents. That fee is waived for income-eligible participants. Residents who participate save $200 per year, on average, from the improvements and can continue to save even more with the recommendations provided by the Eversource-authorized contractor.
During the HES service, homeowners and renters receive: 
•Sealing around doors, windows, floor joists, and any other areas where air can escape (this service alone is valued at an average of $600)
•Energy-saving LED light bulbs
Health and safety tests on heating equipment
•Water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators, and hot water pipe wrap
•A report detailing your home’s performance before and after the service, which includes educational tips on how to further reduce home energy costs
•Information on available financing
•Exclusive rebates on upgrades including insulation, windows, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment 
All interested residents should visit or call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) to learn more.