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Middletown State Representative Quentin Phipps recently participated in Home Energy Solutions, an in-home energy improvement service provided by Eversource, as a way to increase energy efficiency awareness across the community.  


“Like many Connecticut homes, our house is older and has several inefficiencies. My wife and I saw this as an opportunity to not only be an example for our community, but as an investment to save money and energy, improve the comfort of our home and reduce the impact on our environment,” said Phipps. “Working with Eversource and CMC-Energy was easy. I’m very pleased with the service and recommend it to all homeowners and renters throughout Middletown.”


Eversource-authorized contractor, CMC-Energy, provided the service, which included on-the-spot weatherization and energy improvements, such as:

-          sealing gaps and spaces around openings and joists

-          installing energy-saving LED light bulbs

-          installing water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators

-          performing health and safety tests on heating equipment


Homeowners and renters can save an average of $200 each year through the Home Energy Solutions service and can further reduce their energy costs through additional weatherization measures, including upgrading insulation in walls, basements and attics, repairing or replacing ductwork, and upgrading heating and cooling equipment.


“Participating in Home Energy Solutions can help customers save on their energy bills year-round,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency Spokesperson Enoch Lenge. "We are grateful to state and community leaders, like Representative Phipps, who have completed this service, recognize its value and encourage others to participate.” 


For more energy-saving tools and resources from Eversource, click here. 


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