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Is Natural Gas an Option?

Why does natural gas make sense for some consumers?

For decades, the prices of natural gas and oil have been linked, with gas historically being the more expensive option. Over the last several years, the average wholesale price of oil has risen and the price of natural gas has dropped. As a result, some Connecticut residents and business owners are now in a unique position to switch to a cheaper, cleaner fuel source.

Replacing fuel oil with natural gas offers the prospect of lower energy bills. Using natural gas to heat your home or business also decreases the level of harmful air pollution in comparison with fuel oil – and even more dramatically in comparison to coal. A switch to domestically produced natural gas also helps consumers break free from the price spikes that result from a dependence on foreign oil.

In 2013, the State of Connecticut, recognizing the importance of this opportunity to residents and businesses, adopted a number of strategies to help consumers make the switch to Natural Gas in its Comprehensive Energy Strategy. The Strategy proposes to expand the availability of natural gas to as many as 300,000 additional Connecticut homes and businesses over the next decade.

Is natural gas an option for me?

Converting to natural gas may represent a cost-saving option for your home or business. You might even qualify for rebates and low interest financing, if you install certain energy efficient equipment.

Each customer’s situation is different and particular energy needs vary for each Connecticut family or business. Factors such as location, existing natural gas availability, size of home or business, and equipment choice all matter in the total cost of a conversion to natural gas.

Check with your local gas company to learn more and to find out if natural gas is available in your area. Just click on your town below to be directed to the natural gas utility in your area. (White areas are not currently served by natural gas.)

Gas Company Service AreaConnecticut Natural Gas City of Norwich CNG Mansfield CNG New Canaan CNG Greenwich Southern Connecticut Gas Eversource Southwest Towns Eversource Western Towns Eversource Southeast Towns Eversource Eastern Towns Eversource Northern Towns Eversource Windam Area Towns

How much might I save by converting?

Connecticut Natural Gas and Southern Connecticut Gas have a home energy calculator on their websites that shows how much you might save by switching from oil or propane. The energy calculator includes a loan calculator to help you determine your new monthly costs.

Eversource offers two interactive money saving calculators, on their website, that compare the annual costs of natural gas to other fuel choices.

For more information, contact your local gas company. 

 Visit the map above to determine your local gas company and contact them for more information at:

Eversource: Call (855) OIL2GAS or (855) 645-2427 or visit Eversource
Connecticut Natural Gas: Call (866) GAS-2888 or (866) 427-2888 or visit Connecticut Natural Gas
Southern Connecticut Gas: Call (866) GAS-2888 or (866) 427-2888 or visit Southern Connecticut Gas
Norwich Public Utilities: Call (860) 823-4514 or visit Norwich Public Utilities