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Lighten Up Your Holidays with Energy Savings


Who can resist holiday decorating with those little LED fairy lights?  On mantels, in vases - you can put them almost anywhere!  Not only do they look festive, but they’re green – using a fraction of the energy of old incandescent holiday lighting.  So what else can you do to be festive and save energy?  Here are a few suggestions you might not know about – or perhaps have forgotten.

Indoor Holiday Lighting

Reflection and Sparkle – Pairing lighting with reflective ornaments, mirrors and tinsel not only allows you to reduce the overall lighting, but gives interest during the day and depth to your indoor display at night. No wonder why before there was electricity candelabras had reflective surfaces to throw the light throughout the room. So bring on the holiday bling!

Twinkle Dee ~ LED – Using 80-90% less energy than traditional holiday lights, LEDs also can last up to 30 years. They come in all kinds of configurations, colors and twinkle settings. Have fun.

Old Fashioned Yummy – Instead of lights use edible decorations such as the traditional gingerbread men, cookie ornaments, candy canes, and strings of popcorn and cranberries. Spice it up with citrus windows and baskets. Get nutty with walnuts!

Bring on the Tech – Start a new holiday tradition using the latest technology. Instead of strands and strands of light, choose smart lights and produce your own spectacular light show. Apps that control LEDs offer custom motion effects, colors and even sound! Since the color and motion is changed by the app, you can leave them up and change the effects for other holidays. “Ho,Ho,Ho!”

Outdoor Lighting Display

Take a Cue from Landscape Lighting Designers – Less is more. Pick a few key elements of your landscape or house to show off. Draw viewers eyes to key elements in your landscape, showcasing your yard’s uniqueness.  Remember, you need areas of darkness to provide focus to the lighted areas.  This year, outdo your neighbor with creative design.

It’s all About Timing – Use a daylight sensitive outdoor timer with either a set number of hours or a specific off time. Set the timer to shut the lights off at a reasonable hour. Is anyone really looking at your lights at 3 am in the morning?

Go Short – Shorten your holiday lighting season. Consider putting your lights up (or turning them on) a week later or take them down (or turn them off) a week earlier. If you usually have them on for 8 weeks, just shortening them by a week will save you over 12%. 

Remember you can keep energy efficiency in mind and still dazzle your family and neighbors without having the brightest lighting display on the block!  And if you buy lights, make sure they are ENERGY STAR®.