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Make the Grade with Energy Updates

In a world of shrinking school budgets, every dollar counts.

Investing in energy efficiency can deliver immediate savings that you can redirect to your highest priorities. We help you prioritize improvements and identify funding resources to make your projects affordable.


The annual energy bill to run America’s primary and secondary schools is a staggering $6 billion — more than is spent on textbooks and computers combined1. In a typical school building, space heating, cooling and lighting together account for nearly 70 percent of the school’s energy use2.

Schools that have made energy-efficient improvements can use three times less energy, resulting in substantial savings. Renewable energy systems can also save significant money on your energy bills and provide valuable teaching tools. Some energy smart school buildings even cost 40 cents per square foot less to operate than the average performers.

1Source: ENERGY STAR® | 2Source:

How We Can Help

Your Connecticut school can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Connecticut Green Bank. You can benefit from cash incentives, financing options as well as process improvement programs such as our Operations and Maintenance program.

For information about smart energy options for institutions of higher education, please visit our Colleges and Universities page.

To find smart energy options that are right for you, please visit our Find a Solution page, or see a list of popular choices below.


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