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Energy Savings for a Strong Foundation

Higher education budgets are under constant pressure. We can help.

Investing in energy efficiency can deliver immediate cost savings that you can redirect to your highest priorities. We help you prioritize improvements and identify funding resources to make your projects affordable.


Colleges and universities spend close to $2 billion on energy each year. A typical 50,000-square-foot higher education building in the U.S. uses more than $100,000 worth of energy each year1. Adopting a strategic approach to energy management can reduce energy costs by 30 percent or more2. Energy-saving improvements have the potential to free up funds that a college or university can redirect to education. Energy improvements provide the added benefits of improved comfort, academic performance, staff retention environmental stewardship and community support.

In a typical college or university facility, lighting, ventilation and cooling are the largest sources of electricity use, and space heating accounts for the vast majority of natural gas use. Targeting these areas for efficiency or renewable energy improvements gives many colleges and universities the potential to trim energy costs by 30 percent or more1.

1Source: E-Source  | 2Source: ENERGY STAR®

How We Help

Your Connecticut higher education institution can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Colleges & Universities. You can benefit from cash incentives and financing options as well as process improvement programs such as our Operations and Maintenance program.

To find smart energy options that are right for you, please visit our Find a Solution page, or see a list of popular choices below.


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