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Join the eesmarts Team as an eesmarts District Trainer

eesmarts District Trainer Opportunity

The vision of eesmarts is to facilitate students' understanding of the science, math and technology related to clean, renewable energy, electricity, and conservation. At no-cost to teachers or districts, eesmarts provides standards-aligned curriculum, professional development, and materials to simplify lesson implementation and develop confidence to teach eesmarts energy lessons.

eesmarts is proud to introduce the eesmarts District Trainer initiative, which will empower teachers, build district capacity, and aid in the adoption and delivery of standards-aligned lessons.  The eesmarts District Trainer initiative provides an opportunity for teachers, coaches, or department heads to become experts in the eesmarts energy curriculum and prepares them to deliver eesmarts training to colleagues in their schools and districts. 

eesmarts District Trainer virtual professional development is provided at no-cost to teachers or districts.  Additionally, eesmarts provides awards to cover the cost of attending the virtual training and materials for workshop delivery. After training is complete, eesmarts District Trainers agree to deliver a professional development workshop to their colleagues in 2021.  Enrollment and award information is detailed below.

Cohort 1 

eesmarts District Trainer - Cohort 1 will focus on delivering Grades 3-5 eesmarts lessons

  1. Attend all mandatory eesmarts District Trainer Virtual Workshops. 
    • Wednesday, April 28th 12-3 - Mandatory
    • Wednesday, May 5th 12-3 - Mandatory
    • Friday, May 14th 9-12 - Optional (1-1 mentoring)
  2. Schedule at least one PD in my district between May 2021 and June 2022 with an enrollment of at least 5 teachers. 
  3. Provide eesmarts a roster of workshop attendees.
  4. Complete a brief a post-workshop survey after my district workshop presentation.


eesmarts District Trainer Award

$500 (per school) to defray the cost of substitutes to attend virtual training and materials to prepare for workshop delivery.  Award will be paid in two, equal installments as follows:

  • At the conclusion of the 2nd mandatory workshop.
  • At the completion of your district workshop presentation and final survey.

Teacher Awards 

  • The first 10 Teachers who attend an in-district PD delivered by eesmarts District Trainer and complete a workshop evaluation survey will receive a $100 award to purchase materials for lesson implementation and classroom supplies.
  • The maximum award per school, per year is $1000. 
  • Teachers may attend the same PD multiple times but will receive an award only the first time they attend the workshop.

Cohort 2 

eesmarts District Trainer - Cohort 2 will focus on delivering Grades 6-8  eesmarts lessons 

  • Enrollment - May 15, 2021 – July 31, 2021
  • Workshops dates to be announced May 15, 2021
  • Deliver PD in your district - November 2021 – June 2022

Why become an eesmarts District Trainer?

Perhaps you attended an eesmarts workshop, encouraged your students to enter the eesmarts Annual Student Contest, or invited an eesmarts educator for an in-class/virtual lesson presentation.  You have first-hand knowledge of the value of the eesmarts program and the impact that energy education will have on your students as future energy consumers. Now you can become part of a team that will bring energy education resources and training to your own school or district.  As an eesmarts District Trainer, you will be the point-person for delivering the eesmarts energy curriculum to your colleagues in your school or district.  An eesmarts District Trainer will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receive free, online curriculum and materials for your classroom.

  • Increase content knowledge on energy and energy conservation topics.

  • Learn strategies and ideas to deliver effective, engaging PD in-person and virtually.

  • Receive presentation slide decks, handouts, videos, etc. needed to deliver district PD.

  • Practice presentations in small groups with eesmarts consultants.

  • Request on-demand support from eesmarts consultants prior to trainings.

  • Get financial awards for materials for your school at enrollment and delivery of PD.

  • Become part of an environmental education professional learning community.

  • Champion eesmarts’ energy conservation ethics in your students, colleagues and district.


To apply for Cohort 1, download the eesmarts District Trainer Registration Form and email the completed form to by April 21, 2021. Enrollment is limited to 25 teachers per cohort.

 For additional information, call toll free 877-514-2594 or contact us via email at