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The E-House at Bullard-Havens Tech

The E-House at Bullard-Havens Tech

Location: Bullard-Havens Technical HS, 500 Palisade Ave - Bridgeport, CT
Completed: October 8, 2014 

CT's 6th E-House

In October of 2014, the CT Technical High School System opened it's 6th E-House at Bullard-Havens Technical High School in Bridgeport. At the opening ceremony, Bullard-Havens Tech Principal, Richard Cavallaro, welcomed everyone and expressed his pride in his students and staff on their outstanding effort in completing the project.

Speaking at the ceremony were Dr. Nivea L. Torres, Superintendent of the Connecticut Technical High School System, Robert Trefry, Chairperson of the Connecticut Technical High School System Board, Christopher Caruso, Representative of the Department of Economic Development, Milita I. Feliciano and Lydia N. Martinez, Members of the Bridgeport City Council, and John Cottell, representing the Mayor of Bridgeport, Bill Finch.

Guests also had the opportunity to watch a video showing the construction of the E-House from start to finish. The video was produced by the Graphics Technology program at Bullard-Havens Tech. Dajond Rogers, a Senior in the Plumbing and Heating program at Bullard-Havens Tech ended the ceremony with an inspirational and informative speech about her experience in helping to build the E-House.

Team Effort

The construction of the E-House was indeed a team effort at Bullard-Havens: carpentry students built the structure, electrical and plumbing and heating students put in all of the cutting edge green technologies into the structure. Because Bullard-Havens does not have an HVAC department, the HVAC program at Platt Tech provided help in installing the air conditioning system in the house. The masonry students added a walk way to the house and even the fashion merchandising and entrepreneurship students designed and created curtains for the house to give it a real home touch. Guests were treated to dessert treats and beverages created by the students in the culinary arts and baking programs at Bullard-Havens Tech.

The E-House project is part of the state's technical high school system's "green" approach to provide clean energy curriculum and hands-on experience for its architectural, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and heating departments' faculty and students.

Funding for the E-Houses is being provided by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. This is the sixth E-House to be completed by students and staff at the Connecticut Technical High Schools. Several more are being constructed with the goal of having one at each of the state's Technical High Schools.

Check out the photos below of the Bullard-Havens Tech E-House construction and grand opening ceremony!

The E-House at Bullard-Havens Tech

Framing & Insulation:

  • Variety of energy-efficient framing techniques
  • Weatherization performance applications
  • Building analysis opportunities
  • Thermal imaging ability
  • Various Insulation training mock up
  • Historical to newest trends of insulation
  • Attic venting display

Heating & Cooling:

  • HTP Elite Fire Tube gas-fired, wall-hung condensing boiler (95% efficient)
  • Daiken 26 SEER ductless mini-split heat pump, with online control ability
  • Watts low temperature radiant heating system (2 circuits of heat)
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with multiple stages of heat
  • Comparison of heating terminals: wall convector, conventional baseboard, towel warmer, & low temp radiant heat

PV & Electrical:

  • 9 Solar Photovoltaic Panels (2.2 kW)
  • PV system is grid tied. Excess energy created within the E-House will be fed back into the grid.
  • Enphase micro-inverters
  • Incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen and LED lighting
  • ENERGY STAR® paddle fan
  • Electric vehicle car charging station
  • Enphase Enlighten monitoring system

Solar Thermal:

  • Drain-Back type system, (first one installed by CTHSS students!)
  • 2-HTP solar thermal panels
  • 20 Gallon HTP drain back tank
  • HTP Dual Coil- indirect solar thermal water heater
  • Domestic hot water created in the E-House will be utilized within the entire school.
  • Solar thermal monitoring system via Sun Reports