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Historical Information

Supplier sales and trends in customer switching since 2006.

Electric Sales by Licensed Suppliers, Eversource and UI

  • Starting in 2006 Connecticut saw an increase in the generation sales provided by licensed electric suppliers.
  • The graphs compare the generation sales provided by licensed suppliers (blue) to the generation provided by Eversource and UI (gray). The blue area shows the trend in sales by licensed suppliers.
  • As the first table shows, at year end 2012 licensed suppliers provided nearly 70% of the total electricity used by Eversource and UI customers.  At that time about 48% of all customers had switched to a licensed supplier. View the number of customers that switched to a licensed supplier in the next tab.
  • Separate data for Eversource and UI is provided below.



Trends in Customer Switching

The first table shows the total number of customers served by Eversource and UI (gray bar) and the number that switched to a licensed electric supplier (line graph). For example, in 2012 Eversource and UI served 1,526,699 customers. Of that total, 729,687 customers, or 47.8% switched to a licensed electric supplier. In 2012, customers who switched used nearly 70% of total electricity sales. View generation sales by electric suppliers in the previous tab.  The remaining tables provide the same information separately for Eversource and UI.

Milestones - CT Deregulation

  • 2000 - Deregulation of electric generation.
  • 2000 - 2005 - Large commericial and industrial customers switch to licensed suppliers.  Few suppliers offered to serve the residential market. 
  • 2006 - Switching among residential and smaller business customers begins.
  • 2013 - Customers experience high generation rates under Variable rate plans and begin to return to Eversource/UI Standard Service generation.
  • 2014 - Return to Eversource/UI Standard Service continues.