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How to switch from or return to Standard Service generation

Find out how to switch from, or return to, UI or Eversource Standard Service generation to a licensed electric supplier or how to switch from supplier-to-supplier.

How to Return to Eversource or UI Standard Service Generation

Standard Service is the generation supply option provided by Eversource and UI and is available to all residential and small business customers.

  • Standard Service rates change on January 1st and July 1st and are fixed for six months.  Standard Service rates are announced about seven weeks before the rates are effective: early-May and early-November.
  • Residential and business customers who wish to return to Eversource or UI Standard Service generation should contact their utility. Requesting to return to the Standard Service rate through your supplier will delay the transfer.
  • You will need your account information to return to Standard Service so be sure to have a copy of your electric bill available when you contact Eversource or UI.
  • Please note that Eversource and UI are required to return residential customers to the Standard Service rate within 72 hours of the request.  Be sure to ask the utility customer service representative about your options to return to Standard Service.
  • You may wish to check with your electric supplier about cancellation fees.
  • Information about cancellation fees and other contract information is printed on the first page of all residential electric bills in the Supply Summary.  This information is provided to Eversource and UI by your supplier and should be reviewed regularly.  Contact your supplier if you have questions about this information.  You can also contact PURA at 800-382-4586 for information or to submit a complaint.

Eversource Customers

  • Customers can call Eversource's Customer Service center at 800-286-2000 or 860-947-2000 (Meriden/Hartford) Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and will be closed for regular business after 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all company holidays. 
  • Hearing impaired can dial 7-1-1.

UI Customers

  • Customers can call UI's Customer Service center at 800-722-5584.
  • Hearing impaired can dial 7-1-1.
  • Customers can submit an electronic request. When submitting an electronic request all account information must be accurate or the transfer will be delayed. 
  • Click here to submit an electronic request to transfer to UI Standard Service generation.

All Customers

  • You can call the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Consumer Affairs Unit at 800-382-4586 for information about transferring to the Standard Service rate or if you have any questions about choosing an electric supplier.
  • Click here to submit a question or complaint to the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Consumer Affairs Unit.

Know Your Meter Read Date

Below is information about the process for switching from UI or Eversource Standard Service generation to a licensed electric supplier or switching from supplier-to-supplier. Returning to Standard Service generation follows a different process.  

  • Switching to a supplier or switching from supplier-to-supplier can only occur on your meter reading date.
  • The meter reading date for each account is printed on the first page of your electric bill and is shown as the "on or about date" the meter will be read.
  • Your meter reading will not occur before the "on or about date" but may occur one or two days after that date.
  • So it is very important that you become familiar with your meter read date.

Provide Accurate Account Information

  • UI and Eversource cannot process an enrollment unless all account information is accurate.
  • Providing incorrect account information will delay your enrollment.

Enroll Ten Business Days Before Your Next Meter Read Date

  • The process for switching to a supplier or from supplier-to-supplier includes safeguards.  These safeguards:
    • Allow UI and Eversource time to check the accuracy of your account information.
    • Allow for Suppliers to contact you to correct any errors in your account information.
    • Provide you three business days to change your mind or cancel an enrollment.
    • Provide UI and Eversource about two business days for internal processing.
    • This is a total of about ten business days.
  • If your account is not switched on the next scheduled meter read date it cannot be switched until one month later, on your subsequent months' meter read date.
  • After enrolling, you are encouraged to check with the supplier and UI or Eversource to be sure the enrollment is being processed.
  • Some suppliers are not processing customer enrollments quickly or not promptly notifying customers when there are problems with an enrollment.
  • Contact the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority at 800-382-4586 if you believe your enrollment is not being promptly processed or with any questions or complaints.
  • REMEMBER: You should enroll with a supplier ten business days before your next meter reading date to have your account switched on that date.