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Bring your heating and cooling system  into the 21st century
Upgrade to the smarter, cleaner way to heat and cool your home

What is Clean Heating & Cooling?

Renewable energy isn’t just clean electricity from solar panels and wind turbines – it's also renewable thermal energy that provides energy-efficient home comfort without the use of fossil fuels like oil, propane, or natural gas. Clean heating and cooling equipment plays a key role in Connecticut’s big push for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

A heat pump uses a relatively small amount of electricity to absorb and transfer heat from the air (air source heat pump) or ground (ground source heat pump), warming your home in the colder months while doubling as an efficient cooling system in the warmer months. A heat pump keeps your home at a comfortable temperature year-round with minimal maintenance.

Heat pump water heaters efficiently pull heat from the surrounding air to heat water rather than relying on fossil fuels. Solar water heaters use sunlight to generate hot water for your home.


Try the Clean Heating & Cooling Calculator

To see how much it would reduce your carbon emissions – and what it would mean for your home’s budget – try the Clean Heating & Cooling Calculator

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The following guides can help you determine which clean heating and cooling technologies may be a good fit for your home or business.


Why upgrade to Clean Heating & Cooling?

Highly efficient and state-of-the-art

Heat pumps use as little as 1/3 the energy of traditional HVAC systems, providing efficient, quiet, and smart temperature control. By harnessing energy from the sun, solar hot water uses little electricity. Since heat pumps are extremely efficient, they can provide significant cost savings on your energy bills. Cleaner technology also means less maintenance – another potential cost-saver.

Year-round comfort

Heat pumps can serve all your all-season heating and cooling needs in one smart system, eliminating the need for expensive fossil fuels for heating or less-efficient central or window air conditioning.

Clean and climate-friendly

Operating without fossil fuels, heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and solar hot water produce no direct emissions. Be a part of the climate solution by switching to clean, fossil-free heating and cooling technologies.


Rebates and Programs

Energize Connecticut offers a financial incentive when you install a qualifying Clean Heating & Cooling device.

Heat Pumps Air Source Heat Pumps $250-$500 per ton Instant Discount;
Up to an additional $1,000 per ton with Home Energy Solutions Mail-In Rebate*
Up to $1,500 per ton
Incentive not to exceed $15,000 per home
Ground Source Heat Pumps $750-$1,500 per ton Mail-in Rebate Up to $1,500 per ton
Incentive not to exceed $15,000 per home
Water Heating Heat Pump Water Heater $750 Instant Discount up to $750 per Qualifying Unit

*Mail-in rebate is available for existing electric resistance (baseboard) heat customers that have a Home Energy Solutions assessment prior to heat pump installation.


Building a new home?

The Residential New Construction Program offers guidance and financial incentives to help you, your architect, and your builder design and construct a home that is a model for energy efficiency and clean heating and cooling. Additional rebates are available for homes that meet higher performance standards such as LEED and Passive House.


Financing options

Connecticut promotes Clean Heating & Cooling with low-interest financing packages.


Other helpful resources


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